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Why Everyone Should Have a “Healthcare Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive”

When you prepare to make a Will, many attorneys will suggest to you that you have an up-to-date “Healthcare Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive” (a “Healthcare Document”).     Why? From an attorney’s perspective, I want you to execute a new Healthcare Document at the same time as your Will because: (1) It is efficient from the point of view of […]

Please Don’t Overlook this Money Saver for College Costs

Do you have a child whom you love and who you would like to help go to college?  Your child?  Grandchild?  Niece?  Nephew?  Friend? I know a lot of people (particularly parents) for whom college financial planning looks so overwhelming that they just don’t do it.  They avoid it. College costs go up and up; and, in the end, […]

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